Thursday, October 1, 2015

Theories of Learning~Behaviorism

This week we had a discussion on theories of learning. Our first stop was the behaviorism theory championed by B.F. Skinner. In his writings, Skinner proposed the use of teaching machine that will enhance the learning process and effectiveness. The teaching machine points a lot to some of the current technologies we use in schools today. In explaining how the teaching machine would work, Skinner contended that it will lead to the formation of correct behaviors, the students learn to be right. That it motivates the students and make learning pleasurable.

Watching my students today create presentations about their passions in Google Slides and Prezi, I cannot but agree with Skinner that “the classroom in which machines(technology) are being used, is usually the scene of intense concentration”. These students were motivated and enthusiastic in the use of these tools. However, the true value of technology for learning lies not in learning to use technology but in using technology to learn.

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